We understand a student way beyond his report card! This, we believe, is the first step to help him significantly improve his scores. Vidyartha’s personalised learning plan for each student considers his interests, personality, logical thinking skills, general aptitudes among other data points. The focus is to optimise learning to significantly enhance his strengths, while minimising weaknesses.

Vidyartha Basic

Rs 100
per month
  • 12 month subscription for students with regular supplementary tests for the entire academic year
  • Access to e-books, videos, and other supplementary content for students throughout the year
  • One month access to learning content worth 1,000/- from Vidyartha’s learning partner post test completion
  • Remote support for conducting the test
  • School dashboard to access individual student’s reports and monitor performance
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Vidyartha Premium

Rs 500
per month
  • 12 month access to personalised & interactive dashboard - each student gets her/his own log in
  • Class wise customised interest & personality profiling
  • General & application based aptitude assessments
  • Continuous quizzes & challenges across areas relevant to each student, based on results
  • Personalised learning recommendations & subject wise targets
  • Access to our learning mentors via chat Monday-Saturday 9 am - 7 pm
  • One on one counselling with our expert learning/career counsellors for 20 minutes via skype/google hangouts/telephone

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